We don't like "Terms and Conditions".  We purposely avoid having our own specific set terms and conditions of sale. 

We rely on the fact that we conform to whatever consumer rights are set down by the laws of the land/trading standards etc.  We feel this better protects our customers.  Terms and conditions of sale can be a protective shield for companies to wriggle out of moral responsibility for their trade - hiding behind long winded terms that consumers simply don't read or understand.

However, we are duty bound to mention the information below about your cancellation rights after placing an order with Atlantic Signs.






Because of the bespoke nature of our products, our signs are exempt from cancellation rights as set out in the Consumer Contracts Regulations.  As each sign is individually commissioned and made-to-order to your specification, they have no “re-sale value”.  There isn't even the possibility of salvaging any used material once engraving has been started.

If you do need to cancel your order for whatever reason AND we have not yet started production of the sign, we will of course cancel your order and refund 100% of any payment made.

We warn all our customers during the order process that to meet delivery dates, we need to start work on signs within two to three days of receipt of order.  This is the "grace" period when you do have a short opportunity to change (or even cancel) your order.



-->  Please check before placing your order that you're ordering exactly what you need.  Especially check the measurements of the proposed sign against the intended placement location.

-->  When multiple parties are involved with the purchase or ownership of a sign, ensure that ALL parties are happy before placing an order.

-->  If you are purchasing a new property and intend to replace the existing sign, please wait until the property sale has fully completed before ordering a sign.  House purchases can collapse at the last minute!

-->  If you intend to change the name of your property, please ensure you have the permission of the relevant local authority before ordering your new house sign.


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