If you think that screw heads are detrimental to the appearance of your slate sign, or you are concerned about theft, we can provide a hidden fixing method for all our signs.

We drill holes into the back of the sign which go around two thirds of the way through.  Threaded stainless steel pins, 70mm long are provided together with a high quality two part epoxy glue.

You do need to glue the pins into the back of the sign and also put glue into the holes in the wall, but this is a simple process.  No specialist knowledge is required and we provide full fixing instructions with every order.

Some of the advantages are:

- There are no visible fixings once your sign is fixed into place.

- No visible fixings means removing your sign is very difficult.  This deters theft.

- Screws will eventually tarnish which can lead to streaky stains on the face of your sign.  Hidden fixings will prevent such unwanted blemishes.

Please note, there is an additional charge of £6 for hidden fixings to cover the cost of the stainless steel pins and epoxy glue which are sent with your order.

For more detailed information about 'hidden fixings' please refer to our Fixing and Maintenance Guide which you can download at our information page.


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